Dried Fruits

ASIA LP markets a wide variety of delicious, healthful Premium Quality Dried and Glacé Fruits.

Apricots - Varieties: Diced, Industrial, Organic, Sizes #1 - #8Banana Chips - Varieties: Sweetened or UnsweetenedCherries
Dates - Varieties: Aseel, BJ, Deglet Noor, Diced, Pitted, Sayer, Turbat, Whole, Medjool, ZahidiMixed Dried FruitPapaya - Various Grades: Chunks, Diced, Spears
Peaches - Various Grades: Jumbo, Extra Fancy, Fancy, Extra Choice, ChoicePineapple - Various Grades: Diced, Rings, TidbitsPrunes - Varieties: Ashlock Pitted, ,Elliott Pitted, Whole with Pitts
Raisins - Varieties: Flames, Midgets, Thompsons, Sultanas, Currants, Monukkas, ZantesGolden Raisins: Sizes: Jumbo, LargeDried Fruit Mixes: Tropical Mixed Fruit, Whole Mixed Fruit Additional dried fruit mixes are available upon request.
Toasted Coconut:
Flake, Macaroon, Medium
Sweetened Coconut:
Flake, Medium, Fancy, Macaroon, Short Shred
Desiccated Coconut:
Macaroon, Medium, Extra Fine, Chips
Packaged in 25 or 50 pound boxes.
10 pound boxes are available upon request.
Packaged in 10, 25, and 50 pound boxesPacked in 25 and 100 pound bags